Dachshund Project

This project takes inspiration from my personal dog. The whole short video is based on different steps, starting from modeling, lighting and texturing to have a final scene compositing with everything wrapped up.

To get this work done, I started off with a simple image plane inside of Autodesk Maya, which was my main reference for the entire modeling process; beside that I collected google images as well as personal shots of my dachshund: that was a meticulous step as I needed to replicate as many anatomical details as possible. The magic lives inside a precious “box”: Pixologic Zbrush. A 3D solution for modeling sculptures, creating free forms from scratch like a real Michelangelo; thanks to my  tablet  and pen I spent time sculpting the dog.

In the next step, after finishing up with a million poly model, I was ready to apply a mix of textures and poly painting techniques.

The shaded result served as the base for adjustments and improvements.

In fact, from the forementioned textured model (the beauty pass) I progressively added the following maps:

  1. Shaded with no color information pass: used to enhance details on different parts of the body (a sort of cavity contribution)
  2. SSS Pass: literally Sub Surface Scattering, which is a simple map and not a precalculated SSS with CG algorithms. In this case very useful to give the skin a bit of saturation and organic look
  3. Ambient Occlusion Pass: that is useful to  add soft shadows on the model and create more depth in the scene
  4. Specular Pass: the fur has some specular contribution which was empirically established (looking at my dog at different angles and exposures)
  5. Matte Pass: that was simply added to separate the background from the figure

At the end lights and shadows and color corrections are applied… work is done!

PS.  I remember that the 3D mesh can be purchased from my store and used for your personal projects and portfolios…