Space Challenge 2018

Space challenge 2018 invited designers from all over the world to submit space-themed designs in low and high poly categories. They had a huge turnout with models of planets, asteroids, aliens, rockets, robots, satellites, space stations and everything in between and their panel of judges had a great time picking the winners! Prizes kindly provided by professional companies at 3D-Coat, Quixel, Exlevel and FOX RenderFarm as well as Cebas Visual Technology. The contest was divided into 2 ...

Realistic Sewing Machine

Realistic Sewing Machine - Singer On sale at The "Singer" brand has always been popular, so I decided to model this household tool. This model is my mother's sewing machine. I took it into account because I liked the general design. My workflow starts with a simple geometry, that I improved step by step to get this final result I took advantage of Substance Painter to add some edge wear, dust in the corners and small details that makes the difference for a PBR result. Y...

PBR Robot – Work in Progress from a personal concept

robot PBR
PBR Robot - Work in Progress At the end I decided to model a robot.  So far a work in progress whose concept belongs to me. The robot is being modeled inside of Maya and all the details, maps will be extracted to guarantee a PBR look. The textures will be created in Substance Painter and the render in Arnold by Solid Angle. Here is a preview showing a single basic material, just to test the first steps.