Buy and receive your digital products

Follow these simple instructions about how to complete your payments and receive your goods!!

You don’t have to wait ages. As soon as your payment is completed, your product is ready to be downloaded.


1) Choose your product and add it to the cart: easy peasy.. just add it and follow the direct link to the checkout page;

2) Complete your payment: in order to purchase you need to create a quick account by entering your infos as shown in the following picture.




 Connect to PayPal and choose your preferred payment method ( either PayPal account or Credit Card).

3) Confirm and you are done:  you are redirected to the “order detail” page and  you are now allowed to download your product by clicking on the download button.




Alternatively you can download it from your personal account page and see your paid orders.

PS – Remember that, for security purpose, you can download your product  up to 3 times. If you encounter any problem in the download feel free to contact me directly at