Highly realistic detailed medieval well




Highly realistic detailed Medieval Well

fully textured, sculpted and rendered with Physical based approach!!
The model has been created inside of Maya (version 2016), detailed in Zbrush and maps have been extracted to guarantee a realistic look!
It is thought to be also used on uneven terrains and not just on simple plane.
The well has been also detailed inside with a bottom part.

At this link you can find some rendered images



* 11727 faces
* 23629 vertices
* High Quality textures (2048 X 2048)
* Unwrapped UVs with NO overlapping.
* Diffuse Maps
* Normal Maps
* Specular Maps
* Glossiness / Roughness Maps
* Displacement Maps
* AO Maps
* Cavity Maps

* Maya scene file (version 2016) with model centered in (0,0,0)
* Material examples and a base light rig
* .fbx file format
* .obj file format
* High Quality texture package

PS. The materials are based on Cook Torrance theory of lighting, in order to create highly realistical results.
The .fbx file format and the .obj file format have been fully tested in Unity 3D environment

Hope you like my work and if you have any question feel free to contact me at: