Realistic Dachshund


3D Realistic Dachshund



Realistic Dachshund

Here is a 3D Model of my personal pet, which was produced inside of Zbrush.

I came out with a  realistic dog whose model is shown in the related video.

The model can be purchased from Turbo Squid – Professional 3D models website:  3D Dachshund

The Main folder contains:

– Subfolder Fbx and subfolder obj Export with high poly model and a remesh with less polygons
– Subfolder Maya Export high poly model and a remesh with less polygons in Maya binary Format
– ZBrush complete Scene which is the very High poly model (around 6 million polys). It can be used as starting point for the entire pipeline (texturing to UV Maps creation etc..). Bear in mind that
my project has been thought to be created inside of Zbrush and for that reason, at this stage, I haven’t produced any Uvs since I polypainted and rendered it inside of ZBrush as well.


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