Space Challenge 2018

Space challenge 2018 invited designers from all over the world to submit space-themed designs in low and high poly categories.

They had a huge turnout with models of planets, asteroids, aliens, rockets, robots, satellites, space stations and everything in between and their panel of judges had a great time picking the winners!

Prizes kindly provided by professional companies at 3D-Coat, Quixel, Exlevel and FOX RenderFarm as well as Cebas Visual Technology.

The contest was divided into 2 categories: low poly and high poly and just 3 partecipants for each category have been eligible for the prizes ( globally 6 winners), where the partecipants were about 300 people.

I’m happy that I got the second prize for the high poly category, presenting my detailed PBR Robot.



All the partecipants have been judged according to the following criteria:

  • Quality – number one priority!
  • High Poly – Photorealistic model
  • Models must reflect 3D Coat’s voice – kindness, compassion and purity are positive and educational
  • Uniqueness, innovation and general achievement in design of model
  • Clear and attractive presentation – that includes paying attention to model pictures and detailed descriptions

The judges were part of CGTrader, 3D-Coat, Quixel, Exlevel and FOX RenderFarm and Cebas Visual Technology

Here are the details:

and here the interview they asked me to leave: