As Web Developer I took part of several projects at Inode S.r.l. (Web Agency).

Here are some of the latest projects

The web portal for your daily press review

Diogene is a project I was involved in as web developer. My activity was based on a highly customizable search algorithm which works for online newspapers.

It’s not necessary to leaf through a magazine, newspapers and surf through the whole web to retrieve information about you or to find news you are interested in. Thanks to our press review systems, every day, anytime, you can just read about your activity and people connected with you, about facts and situations you ask to monitor.

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An innovative multiple listing system for estate agents

Ric is a project for publishing and sharing properties, in order to promote the partnership amongst the local estate agents. It is not the usual web portal where users can easily share content because RIC works for agents only. It is highly specialized on local properties, mainly in the area of Cuneo (a city in Piedmont) and we are continuously improving its functionalities.

I’m working as web developer as well as web designer for this project.

Plugin development

I was involed in the development of 2 plugins, respectively for WordPress and Prestashop.

They essentially connect any shop (based on Woocommerce or Prestashop) to the payment gateway called “PlainPay” by Auriga. Our products can be purchased from the Inode Marketplace.

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